Facing Global contextual condition, art is expected to contribute actively as a solution of disruption era. Through expression and appreciation activities, the values spreads. Also, artist as creator is expected to presence new art so that it can bear excellent civilization values to strengthen cultural tolerant values to contend with disruption. This creative process cannot be separated from world of technology. Technology seems to give form, media, and challenge to create art. In another side, art creativity cannot be separated from inspiring values of religion and culture by bearing orientation to creative industry in order to give economic freedom for human and grow national path. Through those processes, art has to be able to give concrete contribution as medium of national strengthening actualization.

From those art characteristics, it seems interesting if art role discourse in disruption era is manifested in form of scientific discussion for meet and greet various experts, students, different art educators, practitioner, and policy maker. It hopes that various art and design aspects in religious, technological, creative industrial perspectives can fulfil, complement, and synthesize each other to give alternative creative solutions as well.