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Catatan : Terkait dengan peningkatan pelayanan tempat penyelenggaraan seminar, maka pelaksanaan ICONARC dilaksanakan di hotel Grand Candi (Jl. Sisingamangaraja No.16, Kaliwiru, Candisari, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50232) 

The 2nd ICONARC, the International Conference on Arts and Culture, will be held in Hotel Grand Candi Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, on October 2-3, 2018. Organized by Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES). The conference aims at providing a platform for scientists, artists, scholars, industrial proffessionals, and researchers to exchange, share and discuss their innovation, experiences, research works and problem solving techniques in all issues in arts and culture.

Conference Theme :



ICONARC welcomes you to submit your papers on topic indicated below  : 

Arts Education

  • paradigm of art education
  • art education curriculum
  • implementation of arts education at various levels of education
  • character building through art learning
  • vocational education of art and design
  • multicultural arts education
  • art education as a medium of conservation and innovation of cultural values

Arts and Culture

  • local wisdom in fine arts and performances
  • Construction of national identity through art and culture
  • Building tolerance through cultural diversity awareness
  • Indonesian cultural politics
  • Creativity in the creation of fine arts and performances
  • Utilization of technology in the development of art
  • Aesthetic art
  • Preservation and development of art and culture
  • Art and culture in tourism development
  • Interdisciplinary studies in art and culture

Design and Creative Industry

  • The development of creative industries in the field of performing arts
  • The development of creative industries in the field of fine arts
  • The development of creative industries in the field of craft
  • The development of creative industries in the field of fashion
  • The development of creative industries in the field of film and animation
  • The development of creative industries in the field of game and application

Invited Speakers


Hotel Grand Candi
Address: Jl. Sisingamangaraja No.16, Kaliwiru, Candisari, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50232

Important Dates

  1. Abstract Submission Deadline: 30 May 2018     30 July 2018 (Batch 2)    15 August 2018 (Batch 3)
  2. Notification of Abstract Acceptance: 30 June 2018   10 August 2018   20 August 2018 (Batch 3)
  3. Full paper submission Deadline: 20 July 2018   20 August 2018  20 Sept 2018 (Batch 3)
  4. Notification of paper acceptance: 31 August 2018    25 Sept 2018 (Batch 3)
  5. Payment Deadline: 25 September 2018
  6. Conference Date: 2 – 3 October 2018

Abstract and Paper Submission

[IMPORTANT] To submit an abstract, authors must register first (click here). Then, they can submit their abstracts by logging on  this website (menu “Submission System” then “Login”). The manuscript (full paper) can be submitted only after authors submit their abstracts. The whole submission process is completely online (NOT by email) to ease the administration process. Letter of Acceptance (LoA) and Letter of Invitation (LoI) can be downloaded directly from your account once your abstract is accepted to be presented at the conference.

Submitted papers will be reviewed by the scientific committee of the conference based on quality, relevance, and originality. Full papers submitted to the conference will be peer reviewed. Upon the acceptance, the paper that has been presented at the conference, minimally by one of the authors. The articles be published in the proceedings which will be indexed in Scopus or Thomson Reuters.

PAPER SUBMISSION TEMPLATE   (click to download )  writingstyle_ICONARC

Registration Fee and Payment

Category Note
Indonesian Presenter IDR 2,000,000/paper After making the payment, author MUST upload the transfer proof via this website
(Bank BNI a/n Malarsih  no  044-924-8147)
Indonesian Presenter (Student) IDR. 1,500,000/paper
Indonesian Participant IDR. 700,000
Indonesian Participant (Student) IDR. 500,000

Advisory Boar

  1.  Prof. Dr. Fathur Rohman, M.Hum. (Rector of Universitas Negeri Semarang)
  2. Prof. Dr Agus Nuryatin, M.Hum (Dean of Faculty of Languages and Arts)

 International Advisory Commitee

  1. Dr. Deborah Padfield (Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, [email protected])
  2.  Ass. Prof. Dr. Therese Quinn, (Therese Quinn is an Associate Professor of Art History and Director of Museum and Exhibition Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago, [email protected])
  3.  Dr. Ricardo Marin Viadel (Universidad de Granada, [email protected],
  4. Prof. B Stephen Carpenter, II (Director of the School of Visual Arts at Penn State, Co-Director of the Summer Institute on Contemporary Art (SICA); and, Chief Executive Artist for Reservoir Studio at Penn State, [email protected])
  5. Prof. Jake Kaner (Associate Dean for Research School of Art & Design, [email protected])
  6. Psyche Loui, Ph.D. (Department of Psychology, Wesleyan University, [email protected],
  7.  Emily Nussbaum, Ph.D. (Research Scientist, Talent Assessment, [email protected])
  8. Katrina Mcferran, Ph.D (Associate Professor, University of Melbourne, [email protected])
  9. Prof. Dr. Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi, MA, (Universitas Negeri Semarang, [email protected])

Scientific Committee

  1. Prof. Dr. Totok Sumaryanto F, M.Pd. (Universitas Negeri Semarang)
  2. Prof. Dr. Dawn Bennett (Curtin University, Australia)
  3. Prof. Melanye White Dixon (The Ohio State University, USA)
  4. Prof. Dr. Dieter Mack (University of Music Luebeck, Germany)
  5. Dr. Ade Gafar Abdullah (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia)
  6. Prof. Dr. S. Santosa (ISI Surakarta)
  7. Prof. Dr. Drs. Ida Bagus Putra Yadnya (Universitas Udayana, Bali)
  8. Prof. Dr. Victor Ganap (ISI Yogyakarta)
  9. Dr. Tuti Tarwiyah (Universitas Negeri Jakarta)
  10. Puji Astuti, Ph.D. (Universitas Negeri Semarang)
  11. Dr. Triyanto, MA (Universitas Negeri Semarang)

Organizing Committee

  1. Dr. Udi Utomo, M.Pd. (Chairperson)
  2. Dr. Syakir, M.Sn. (Technical Chairperson)
  3. Dr. Ade Gafar Abdullah (Technical Chairperson)
  4. Mujiyono, S.Pd., M.Pd. (Secretary)
  5. Dr. Eko Sugiarto, M.Pd. (Secretary)
  6. Drs. Suharto S.Pd, M.Hum. (Technical committee)
  7. Wandah Wibawanto, S.Sn., M.Ds. (Technical committee)
  8. Dr. Agus Cahyono, M.Hum. (Technical committee)
  9. Dr. Malarsih, M.Sn. (Technical committee)
  10. Drs. Syafii, M.Pd, (Technical committee)
  11. Dra. Eny Kusumastuti, M.Pd. (Technical committee)
  12. Rahina Nugrahani, S.Sn, M.Ds. (Technical committee)


Email: iconarc[at]